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I work with passionate people (that's you!) 

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When I’m not busy helping talented folks out there as Va or to embrace self love and create a contented and fulfilling life, you will find me…

  • Having a good cuppa with my hazelnut creamer first thing in the morning (a must!) as I am totally powered by coffee

  • Going for leisurely walks around where I live and greeting strangers I bump into with Grüezi which I could not do in super hot and busy Kuala Lumpur

  • Eating home cooked chicken curry, fried rice and anything savoury because I love food and I live to eat not the other way round. Food makes me homesick :-) but absence makes the heart grow fonder eh

  • Enjoying my many essential oils and crystals…because part of me believes in the woo woo stuff and HELL YES to things that makes you feel good!

  • Being impulsive (my motto is “fools rush in and get the best seats”) like the time I decided to be a mountain climber and managed to summit Mount Kinabalu before vowing not to make that a regular hobby

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Kendra constantly strives to improve to be better and has a high degree of self awareness...courageous in speaking out when the needs arises
— B. Tan

Self-love is the epitome of everything…but it is hidden and must be coaxed and practice and consistent for it to grow and flourish


“A huge thank you for having me and making such a big change to my everyday life. Thank you so much for the tools , I am very grateful for all that you have done ”
What’s unique about Kendra is her inner strength to strive for happiness in her terms, not others and how the universe has handed to her
— Eve K.